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Anonymous: who is your favorite scooby doo villian and episode?

Wow that one’s really hard, I guess my favorite classic villain is Charlie the Robot and my favorite classic episode is either “Jeepers, It’s The Creeper!” or “A Night of Fright is No Delight” or “The Haunted House Hang-Up”


radicaldelvinnachos: I totally saw that one in theaters and I loved it too!!! You are simply amazing!! I have to say the best depiction of a werewolf is accomplished in Silver Bullet, don't get me wrong, Van Helsing is nice and awfully perfect but I wish it wasn't computer generated. If they would've made it realistic then it would be more amazing than it already is.

Oh thank you! Yeah The Wolfman is really great, the cast was fabulous and the storyline was perfection! I myself have not yet seen Silver Bullet but it’s now added to my list of horror movies to watch thanks to you! I agree completely with the Van Helsing thing, I like it better when it’s not CGI too but the design is the closest to how I’ve always pictured werewolves but I’ll have to check out Silver Bullet and see how those guys look! Thank you again!