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ghoulify: I know i've said this before, but i don't care. I love your blog too bits! Stay creepy ♥

I know I’ve said this before but I don’t care THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My week has been made! Thank you so so very much. Like super thank you! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

bblaired: I wanna be something scary and original for Halloween. I'm 5'3 and slight with blonde hair. I like doing characters usually. Any ideas? Love the blog.

Scary and original…gotcha, ok let’s see what I got! Hit the Read More link below the gif if you please!

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chilly-nights: Ily your blog omg it's so pretti

Oh thank you! Thank you so much! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

reggaegirl14: Your blog is fantastic and U r very creative and spontaneous!

D’awww! Thank you very very much! You’re just as sweet as a halloween treat, you groovy ghoul! Haha, thank you so much! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

Anonymous: quick question: do you have any costume ideas for a balding redhead with red mutton chops?

I’m gonna assume you mean for a male? Haha, sure I do! You know what to do! Hit the Read More link below the gif!

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xowicked-sirenxo: Me and my family love Halloween. It's my fav holiday we always get really into it and make our own costumes and do themes. I LOVE your blog it makes me that much more excited for Halloween. What is your all time favorite scary/Halloween movie?

Thank you so much, I’m so happy you enjoy the blog! You and you’re family seem like pretty cool cats let me tell you! Ok now that’s a hard one…I can’t go one halloween without watching, Hocus Pocus or Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein or Beetlejuice but if you want scary then definitely Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street or Stephen King’s IT. I have so much more and my favorite changes with my mood but those are some of my top faves! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

Anonymous: I'm going as me, a male witch, for Halloween! Celebrating Samhain the old way wearing all black and a mask for the ritual. =D

Heheh, Merry Meet my dear! Sounds like lots of fun! I hope you have a very blessed Samhain and a grand new year! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

roswellianism: I stumbled across your blog this morning and it took less than four seconds for me to hit follow. I love everything about Halloween, my absolute, most favorite holiday ever! My dash screams for more Halloween always!

This is just what I like to hear! I’m so glad you found me! Thank you for enjoying the blog! Halloween is the absolute best! Your dash will get lots of Halloween from me, I promise! Thank you again, Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

iillegal: what were you for last halloween :3

Last Halloween I went as a cute halloween black and orange witch with pumpkin tied pigtails. Very vintage halloween inspired. One of my favorite original costumes :) What were you ghoulfriend? What were all of you?

Anonymous: What movie is the demon gif ask you just posted? just wondering, Thank you. btw I love your blog sooo much <3

This gif? It’s actually The Devil from The Devil’s Carnival, really good artistic movie I recommend. A sequel is coming out soon for it so I’m excited.

Anonymous: Is it weird to have a crush on Graverobber AND Lucifer?

No…I do too, so I don’t find that weird at all xP I have a crush on Terrance Zdunich in general, his brain is beautiful. Terrance love me!! Haha! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

mega-pop-culture-geek-universe: Omg I lovvvvvveeee your blog.

Omg I love that you love the blog! Thank you so very very much! Stay Spooky and Happy Haunting!

Anonymous: Hi! I'm a female and I wanna dress up as Freddy for Halloween, but I don't want it to be sexy or anything like that. Should I just stick to the original costume then?

Why not wear the Freddy sweater, put your hair in a low side ponytail (or whatever if it’s too short) and wear the fedora but then wear some skinny jeans or capris or a skirt instead? Then pair that with combat boots or something and put on the glove and there! Female Freddy Krueger without being sexy :)

kathyrain: I'm going to be a strawberry for Halloween. Not a sexy strawberry. A "my mom made this and I'm in 7th grade" kind of strawberry. I can't wait for the awfulness.

This. This will be fun. xD I hope it turns out as awful as you hope my little creepy ghoul, haha! I’m excited for you! Happy Haunting!

funtimeperson: I'm blond and 11 and I want to be something great but there is usually nothing good for people my age everything is too frilly for my taste. Fake blood and creepy is fine. You have any ideas for me?

I think I’ve got just the ideas for you! You know what to do, hit that Read More link under the gif if you will :)

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